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UPDATE – Information about Exams of the Curricular Units of the 1st Semester 2020-21

Dear Students,  

I hope you are are all safe and sound.  

These are tough days for you, but also for me – having to make choices and establish priorities when ideal and perfect solutions are unattainable. The information that I provide below is the outcome of deep reflection, by myself and my team, after listening to many relevant people, like you. Still, there is always an element of frustration in this process – mostly due to the current circumstances that limit our choices. I do ask you for your understanding and solidarity. We’re doing our best.  

Regarding the Exams of the current semester, I would like to update the following information:

1. The Exams of the “Special Season” that was initially announced for March 2021 will be held in the Summer, in the period 30th August –  10th September, hopefully in-person.

2. The Exams to Improve Grades (Melhoria de Nota) of the curricular units of the first semester of 2020-21 will be held in the Summer, in the period 30th August –  10th September, hopefully in-person.

3. The Evaluations (Época de Recurso) of the first semester of 2020-21 of the doctoral programs will be held in remote format, in the originally planned period.

4. Regarding the Re-Sit Exams (Época de Recurso) of the curricular units of the first semester of 2020-21, for the undergraduate and masters’ programs:

a.      The following groups of students will have access to All exams in the Re-Sit Exams Period (Época de Recurso) of February 2021:

  • Erasmus students enrolled in the first semester of 2020-21 who did not pass the courses in the 1st-Sit Exam Period (Época Normal);
  • Students who were prohibited to attend exams in 1st-Sit Exam Period (Época Normal) due to covid-19, as certified by our Academic Services in due time;
  • Undergraduate Students who are Finalists in the current semester, (i.e., undergraduate students enrolled in the 3rd year, who can finish immediately their degrees if they pass these course units of the 1st semester.)
  • NOTE:  In the following links (for undergraduate exams and master exams), we identify the course units to which all students have access to exams in February (in white); and the curricular units whose exams only these (4.a) groups of students have access to in February (identified in yellow) while other students can only access those Re-Sit exams in July.



b.      Undergraduate and Masters’ students who are not included in the groups listed in point (4.a.) above have access to:

  • Some Re-Sit Exams (Época de Recurso) of the 1st semester in the dates originally announced (identified in white in the links below);
  • Some other Re-Sit Exams (Época de Recurso) of the 1st semester in the period  19th July – 24th July (identified in yellow in the link below).
  • NOTE:  The following links (for undergraduates and masters) identify which Re-sit exams are open to all students in February (in white), and which other exams these students can only attend in July (in yellow).



5. Online Exams: Regarding the Re-Sit Exams (Época de Recurso) of February 2021, these exams will be held in an online format and students must have their cameras on if the professors request so. Before the exams each curricular unit will inform their students regarding the details of the procedures for the exam.

6. Oral Exams – online: To improve the credibility of our evaluation system in the exams of February 2021: (i) the professors can perform an oral exam instead of a written exam if they want to. (ii) Even if exams are written (as usual), the professors are allowed to call any student for an additional oral exam and the performance in the oral exam can be determinant for the decision of the final grade. (iii) These oral exams can be held in the week of 8-12 February.

7. Precedences for the 2nd Semester: In case a course unit of the first semester does not hold an exam in February with access open to all students and that course unit (in normal circumstances) limits access to another course unit in the second semester (there is a “precedence”), that limitation is not applied in 2020-21, in which case students can enroll in the “advanced” course unit of the second semester even without approval in the preceding course unit.

8. Equipment: If you have a special problem with equipment (pc, camera/smart phone) or internet access please contact on Wednesday January 27th and explain your situation.

9. Adjustment to the Calendar of the Second Semester: I also take the opportunity to inform you that we have made alterations to the Calendar of the Second Semester and to the Exam Periods of the Second Semester, in order to accommodate the recommendations of the Government and of the Rector of the University of Lisbon. The expectation is that we start the 2nd semester in an online format and see how the pandemic situation evolves. The main differences are:

a.      Classes Start on Monday February 15th;

b.      We do not have an “Easter break”;

c.      There is no mid-term assessment week;

d.      Classes end on May 14th, after which you have two weeks’ break and then the exams of the second semester course units. Finally a break of two weeks and the Re-Sit (Época de Recurso) exams of the second semester which are not open to everyone in February.

Here’s the general scheme:
(download pdf)

Tomorrow we will inform you of the calendar of exams of July 2021.

Kind Regards,

Clara Raposo
ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management
Universidade de Lisboa