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Academic and Scientific Activities


The Government recommended the closure of universities from Friday onwards, but did so in a way that allows us to treat this matter in an orderly fashion and with tranquility.

ISEG will conclude the 1st-Set Exam Season (Época Normal) with in-person exams in our facilities, including the exams scheduled for Friday January 22nd and 3 exams which were, exceptionally, re-scheduled to next week.

Regarding the 2nd-Set Exams (Época de Recurso) and the Special Season Exams (Época Especial), we will send update information on Friday January 22nd.

Until then, I ask all students, faculty members, and professional staff members to keep calm, to keep concentrated and to be good citizens, abiding to the public health rules.

We must protect ourselves and protect others, in particular those who are more fragile than ourselves.

We are all going through hard times – this virus is tough – but we will persist, we aill keep a positive and responsible attitude and we shall move forward.

Clara Raposo
University of Lisbon