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ISEG launches an advertising campaign to communicate its brand identity

As part of the renewal of its brand identity, ISEG is now launching a large multi-media advertising campaign to communicate its signature of “Open minds, Grab the future”, which has been developed in partnership with brand strategy consultancy, Saint Pirate and the producer, El Hey.  

In the year that it celebrates 110 years of history, this campaign reflects ISEG’s modernity and its determination to be close to the very essence of each and every one. That which is the country’s oldest School of Economics and Management reaffirms its brand of rigour, pluralism, humanism, and its position at the frontier of thought and innovation.

“The positive energy that is felt today at ISEG needed to be represented in our communication” explains Clara Raposo, the Dean of ISEG. “We are a school that truly teaches, with depth and demanding standards, but which is at the same time is a genuinely human and collaborative school. This campaign reflects our spirit of inclusion and the coexistence with the arts and creativity, which are indispensable elements for the new generations of managers and economists”.

The starting point for the whole of the campaign is ISEG’s DNA, which is based on a central insight: “the future of economics and management is made up of different talents”. With its culture of rigour, collaborative thinking, and innovation, ISEG is open to these different profiles and now launches a “next level” of teaching and knowledge in Portugal.

This campaign consists of a 60” film and fourteen posters which are designed to communicate four complementary approaches (institutional; Bachelor’s degrees; Master’s degrees, and executive training), all of which will be presented in an online and offline media plan.