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Academic and Scientific Activities

Springer publishes a new book written by Professor Joaquim Sarmento

The book entitled The Renegotiations of Public Private Partnerships in Transportation, which was recently published by Springer presents the theoretical bases for understanding renegotiations in the context of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). In addition, it analyses a series of case studies of PPP renegotiations in the transport sector.

What determines a PPP renegotiation? Why are some projects more likely to be renegotiated? What are the outcomes of these renegotiations? How can the efficiency of the renegotiation processes be improved? Empirical evidence suggests that most PPPs are renegotiated during the lifetime of the contract, often with asymmetrical consequences for both the public and private party. The literature on PPP renegotiations mainly focusses on the aspect of the contracts themselves and the determinants of renegotiations. However, the management and execution of the renegotiation process are also decisive aspects. This book aims to contribute to this gap in the literature by presenting several country cases and case studies on renegotiated PPPs.

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