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ISEG hosts secondary school teachers for an event entitled “… through the eyes of a Teacher”

The first of a series of events aimed at creating a link between Secondary and Higher Education was held on the 6th of April via Zoom, in the form of an informed debate regarding pertinent topics “… through the eyes of a Teacher”.

The opening topic was “Education”, which was debated by four ISEG Professors who are well known personalities in the public spectrum of political and economic opinion, namely João DuqueNuno CratoSandra Maximiano and Sara Falcão Casaca. The importance of communication in teaching and the characteristics required for a student to achieve a promising performance at university dominated this evening’s debate, which was moderated by Nicolau Santos, an ISEG alumnus and Chair of Agência Lusa.

During this first edition, the debate counted with more than 100 participants – all secondary school teachers – who as well as benefitting from the knowledge of our guests, also contributed by adding their own perspective to the topics under debate.

It became clearly unanimous by the end that dialogue is essential for achieving a better integration between Secondary and Higher Education, indeed, events like this are necessary and urgent. ISEG is committed to opening the doors of its home again, and as always it is here to welcome all those who, above all, have an open mind – and are ready to grab the future!