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ISEG Management Challenge –MAEG students win the competition

The winners of the 12th edition of ISEG Management Challenge are already known! The Grand Final was held on the 11th of May, with 8 teams competing.

MAEG students were once again successful in winning 1st Place in this strategy and management competition, which now enables them to compete in the national final of the Global Management Challenge. Congratulations to the team “Ai o que pah”, comprised of 3rd Year students of the degree in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management: Arthur Kenke, Bruno Pires, Cristiano Mendonça, Elisabete Fino and Ricardo Razina.


1st place
Ai o quê pah
Arthur Henke
Bruno Pires
Cristiano Mendonça
Elisabete Fino
Ricardo Razina
3rd Year, MAEG
2nd place
Sem Dyno
João Cintrão
Ana Parreiro
Hugo Ferreira
Ana Rodrigues
David Morais
Masters in Management
3rd place
Financial Wolves
Qiang Xia
João Roxo
Xin Chen
Maria Resendes
Rita Pinheiro
3rd Year, Finanças
4th place
Beatriz Roquete
José Teodósio
Mariana Ferreira
Mónica Silva
1st Year, Economia
5th place
Golden Team
Andreia Merendas
Joana Ferreira
Noemi dos Santos
Mariana Casimiro
Joana Marques
2nd Year, Gestão
6th place
Os Lobos de Bento Street
Afonso Costa
Cristiana Domingos
Renata Sousa
Maria Almeida
3rd Year, Gestão
3rd Year, Gestão
3rd Year, Economia
3rd Year, Gestão
7th place
Generation4S JGPPT SA
Joana Moreira
Maria Macedo e Menezes
Guilherme Pacheco
Pedro Padrão
Patrícia Barqueira
2nd Year, Economia
2nd Year, Economia
2nd Year, Gestão
2nd Year, Economia
2nd Year, Finance
8th place
Gonçalo Castro
Bárbara Silva
Guilherme Terêncio
Matheus Teteu
Beatriz Parreira
1st Year, Management