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Mentoring Programme 2021 | 22


The objective of the Mentoring Programme of Alumni Económicas is to provide ISEG graduates with the best possible start in the job market, creating the unique learning and leadership opportunities that are essential for building successful professional careers.

This programmes gives Mentees the chance to be accompanied during the process of their integration into the job market in a continuous and highly personal way. They will have the opportunity to learn directly from those who have already attained high levels professionally and who are willing to share their time and knowledge to support Mentees in their personal and professional development.

The Mentors “sponsor” a former ISEG student and in return have the rewarding experience of developing both their leadership skills and a true relationship of sharing, mentoring, and friendship.

Target market

– Final Year students of ISEG’s 1st Cycle (in their 3rd Year in the 21/22 Academic Year)
– Students of ISEG Master’s degrees or ISEG-Executive Education Postgraduations
–ISEG alumni with less than 5 years’  professional experience

– ISEG alumni with more than 5 years’  professional experience


• To know that your experience is valuable and to want to share it
• To know that you have acquired knowledge and wisdom and to want to share it
• To know how to listen and to want to share new points of view
• To know how to identify problems and to want to help Mentees resolve them
• To want to build a relationship of friendship
• To want to make a contribution to society and to help future generations to be more successful in both their professional and personal life

• To value the experience of others and to want to learn from it
• To value the knowledge and wisdom of others and to want to acquire it
• To be willing to listen to new points of view
• To be willing to share challenges and obstacles and to seek help to overcome them
• To know how to identify opportunities and to be willing to work hard to be worthy of them
• To know how to define goals and to be willing to work hard to achieve them
• To want to make a contribution to society and to be successful in both your professional and personal life

The Mentoring Programme also includes a series of training and personal development actions that will be carried out throughout the duration of the programme. These training sessions are designed to develop soft skills, especially in the area of Communication, Initiative, Adaptation to Change, and Networking, among other areas which are considered key for success in any professional career.

Why not take part!

Deadline for enrolment – the 28th of May.

Background documentation
Enrolment as a Mentee
Enrolment as a Mentor

We are organising a Clarification Session on Zoom to present the Programme and to clarify questions on the 14th of May, at 16.00 for Mentees, and at 18.00 for Mentors. This session will be held in portuguese.

Enrolment for the Clarification Session