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Scholarships for the European University Institute, Florence

We hereby inform that the application period is now open for three types of scholarship at the European University Institute in Florence:

Fernand Braudel scholarships

These scholarships are open to internationally-recognised researchers. Former EUI professors or scholarship holders are eligible once three years have passed since their last contract with the Institute. The scholarships are for up to 10 months and are worth EUR 3,000 per month.

Application deadline – 30th of September, 2021, for the areas of Economics and History and Civilisation.

Max Weber post-doctorate scholarships

Applicants must have defended their PhD thesis 5 years or less before starting the scholarships, and must be fluent in English (level C1). The scholarships are for 1 year, 2 years, and, exceptionally, for 3 years, depending in which department of the IUE it applies to, and are worth EUR 2,000 per month.

Application deadline – 18th of October, 2021.

Jean Monnet post-doctorate scholarships

These scholarships are for applicants of all nationalities who obtained their PhD more than 5 years before the start of the scholarship (i.e., PhDs defended before the 1st of September,2017). The scholarships are for 1 year, from September to August the following year, and are worth EUR 2,500 per month.

Application deadline – 25th of October, 2021.

Further scholarships are also available for visits to the Robert Schuman Centre(IUE) for post-doctoral students and/or experienced professionals who carry out research in one of the Centre’s main areas of research. These scholarships provide an opportunity to develop academic research and training in a multidisciplinary environment.

The duration of the participation is normally between two and eleven months, except for during the month of August. Exceptionally, short visits of up to four weeks can be arranged, except for during the months of July and August.

Application deadline – 30th of November, 2021.

Further opportunities for scholarships can be found at