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ISEG launches a new “Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre”

As part of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy, ISEG is launching the Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the School and the British Embassy, reinforcing the importance of the topic of sustainable finance and ESG for the Portuguese economy.

Nowadays, financing a greener and more circular, resilient, and inclusive economy is essential if we want to improve competitiveness and have the capacity to generate real added value. The launch of the ISEG Sustainable Knowledge Finance Centre, which is scheduled for today, the 22nd of September, will precisely promote an applied thinking which will make all this come to pass.

The 2030 sustainability strategy will be presented at the event, which will take place in person at 17:00 in ISEG’s CGD Auditorium, in the presence of HM Ambassador Chris Sainty, who will sign a memorandum of understanding between the British Embassy and ISEG. The event be streamed live and will also be attended by ISEG faculty, researchers and students, as well as officials from AON Portugal and Euronext.

According to Clara Raposo, the Dean do ISEG: “By 2030, ISEG will be fully aligned with the teaching of the green, regenerative, and inclusive economy, where the topics of decarbonisation, the preservation of biodiversity, equality, and diversity will all be integrated into the School’s activities. We want to make a positive impact on society through education and the promotion of a culture of cooperation and solidarity, which contributes to the implementation of sustainable and humanistic management practices, enhancing sustainable development in both Europe and developing economies”.

“Exploring Sustainable Finance’s immense potential to deliver a transition to carbon neutral societies, whilst supporting long-term prosperity, will be essential to all countries with long- term climate ambition”, affirmed the British Ambassador, Chris Sainty. “The launch of ISEG’s Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre is an excellent example of a great initiative to address the challenges climate change poses and support COP26 long-term goals”.

In the words of Sofia Santos, an Associate Professor at ISEG, and the Coordinator of the Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre, “The launch of the Sustainable Finance Knowledge Centre demonstrates ISEG’s recognition of the importance of financing practices in achieving a sustainable economy, which are capable of producing goods and services in such a way as to create less environmental impact, whilst at the same time enabling the generation of employment, well-being in society, and happiness”.The same member of faculty also affirmed that: “The topics of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) are part of today’s agenda. For there is a necessity to build a way of thinking and tools that can help SMEs, large companies, and even the financial sector, carry out a good ESG risk assessment and identify the consequent opportunities.”

Apart from the launching of the ISEG Sustainable Knowledge Finance Centre and its 2030 Sustainability Strategy, today’s event will also include the presentation of the study on “The Sustainable Finance market in the UK and Portugal, a contemporary snapshot”, as well as a round table with the participation of Clara Raposo, the Dean do ISEG; Lucas Chaud, a student of ISEG’s  Masters in Management; Pedro Penalva, the CEO of AON Portugal, Spain, Israel, and Africa; Susana Fonseca, a researcher in Environmental Sociology; ISEG professors Vitor Barros and João Carvalho das Neves; and also Sandra Machado, the Communications Director of Euronext.

Consult the complete programme here and watch the streaming of the event on ISEG’s YouTube.