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ISEG is going to welcome the new Undergraduates in the company of Mário Centeno, “Os Quatro e Meia” and many others

The iconic Quelhas campus is as good as new and is ready to welcome, outdoors, around 1,500 new Master’s and Undergraduate students, in a record year of applications

The admission results will be announced on the 26th of September. All new students starting at ISEG will then carry out their enrolment over the following two days and will be received at the Quelhas campus, right in the centre of Lisbon, on the 29th and 30th of September, with a most varied series of welcome and onboarding activities. The following will be participating: Mário Centeno, an undergraduate mentor, and fellow alumni, Diogo Sousa Coutinho,the CEO and founder of Noori Sushi,and the Olympic athlete, Nuno Delgado. A live concert of the Os Quatro e Meia will take place at the end of the 30th. All this will take place in the open air, in a pavilion that has been especially prepared for the occasion. Lectures start on the 1st of October.

According to Clara Raposo, the Dean of ISEG: “This new academic year, we sincerely hope that our students will be able to enjoy the complete experience that university was designed to provide, namely: an excellent academic education, with the possibility to benefit from another type of personal development that only materialises through conviviality and socialisation. This is why we make a point of welcoming all new students in person”.

In what is a record year of applications, the new students of the 21 Master’s degrees already started lectures back on the 13th, and were welcomed the previous week with an attractive programme of activities. In addition to the welcome and presentation by the Dean’s Office, the Masters’ Coordinators, and the ISEG services, there was also the unforgettable performance of the The Black Mamba on the 9th.

The Governor of the Bank of Portugal, Mário Centeno, an ISEG professor and alumnus, will welcome the new undergraduates in his role as a mentor for those students who were admitted with the highest average grade in each of the 6 ISEG Bachelor’s degrees.

Diogo Sousa Coutinho will share his experience of being an entrepreneur and of the importance of ISEG during this journey.

Nuno Delgado, the Olympic medal-winning judo player, will come and talk to new students about the experience and demands of competing at Olympic level, including how to work under pressure and how to apply these lessons to business and life in general.

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