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Alumni Económicas Solidarity 2021/2022

In awareness of its social responsibility and of the difficult period we are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, Alumni Económicas – the ISEG Alumni Association, supported by ISEG, continues to support any ISEG 1st Cycle student (general regime) with proven financial difficulties by means of the ALUMNI ECONÓMICAS SOLIDARITY PROGRAMME.

The ALUMNI ECONÓMICAS SOLIDARITY PROGRAMME was launched in 2012, and has already provided support for more than 70 students, helping them pay for their tuition fees, food, transport, and school material, in the form of donations from alumni, faculty, ISEG staff, and companies.

This programme is not designed to substitute the support provided by Higher Education Social Action initiative, in that it does not provide regular and/or permanent support for students.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone has the right to the same opportunity to learn. We strive to ensure that no talent from ISEG goes to waste!

Procedures for applying for the AES 2021/2022 Programme:

  1. Check out the conditions for being eligible for the AES programme in the Rules and Regulations;
  2. Fill out the application form;
  3. Send the application form together with all necessary support documentation (as stipulated in both the application form and  the Rules and Regulations) to, or hand it in at the reception desk of the Quelhas building (in a sealed envelope addressed to Alumni Económicas – AES Programme –Quelhas, Gab. 204);
  4. Next, wait to be contacted by the Programme’s Monitoring Committee.

IMPORTANT: applications are re-assessed every six months, taking into account the student’s academic performance.

NOTE: those students who have previously benefited from this support are nevertheless required to re-apply and submit an updated application form and support documentation.

Further information: