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ISA, ISEG, and INIAV are offering a new PhD in “Agricultural Innovation in Tropical Food Chains”

The PhD in Agricultural Innovation in Tropical Food Chains is a joint offer from The School of Agriculture (ISA, ULisboa) and the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG, ULisboa), in collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV).

This degree is oriented towards the transformation of societies in tropical regions through the development of a vital, competitive, and sustainable agricultural sector. It promotes research excellence through the integration of skills in agriculture, environmental science, engineering, and economics, with a knowledge of the specific biological, environmental, economic, and social resources of tropical regions with the objective to innovate in agro-food systems from the socio-ecological, technological, and integrated perspective of the specific value chains of these regions. 
The PhD is aimed for students from temperate countries who possess skills in agriculture and agro-food chains and seek to contextualise their knowledge in tropical regions, as well as students from tropical countries who seek to add to their contextualised knowledge with new technical and scientific knowledge, through an international study experience.

This New Study Cycle has been accredited by the Portuguese Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (A3ES). 

The date of the opening of the application period and further information will be announced shortly.