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Awards and Distinctions

ISEG researchers win best research article award at the XXV SemeAd

Best research article award at the XXV SemeAd, the 25th edition of the SemeAd – Seminars in Administration, organised by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of São Paulo, took place on 9, 10 and 11 November.

Tiago Gonçalves, Assistant Professor at ISEG, José Almeida, Research Fellow of ADVANCE/ CSG and Bruno Barão, Master in Accounting, Taxation and Corporate Finance by ISEG, were distinguished with the best research article award with the paper “Cryptocurrencies Investment Properties against Economic Policy Uncertainty: A Wavelet Analysis before, during and post COVID-19”. The article was also selected for fast-track submission to “Technological Forecasting and Social Change”, one of the journals with the highest impact in the web of science, published by Elsevier.

In this study, the authors assessed the extent to which economic policy uncertainty impacts major cryptocurrencies, paying particular attention to the pre-Covid, Covid and post-Covid 19 periods. Methodologies were used that assess correlation structures in time and frequency between cryptocurrencies and economic policy uncertainty. The results inform short, medium and long-term investors of the ability that major cryptocurrencies demonstrate in being able to be used to diversify investment portfolios during the pre-Covid period, or act as hedging assets during the Covid and post-Covid-19 periods.

The article is available here.