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João Duque is elected Dean of ISEG

João Duque, Full Professor of Finance, is the new president of the ISEG, succeeding Clara Raposo in the position. The inauguration ceremony took place today, 3:30pm, at the CGD Auditorium, ISEG, opened by Professor Vítor Constâncio, President of the ISEG School Council, and closed by Professor Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira, Rector of the University of Lisbon. 

João Duque states that “In the next four years, the school management will follow its matrix, based on the principles of freedom of thought, freedom of action within the respect for others and framed in the collective will. ISEG is not, nor will it be, a madrassa of any economic or political current. We will always be a diverse collective, an eclectic school, open to the world, which challenges itself to respond to the changes we are witnessing in various areas of society.” “Diversity is and will always be our greatest asset and will allow not only ISEG’s sustainability, but also its continued development,” he adds. 

With a degree in Business Management and Organization and a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Manchester, João Duque started teaching at ISEG in 1985, and is currently a Full Professor. In 2000 and 2022, he served on the institution’s Executive Committee.