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Awards and Distinctions

ISEG student awarded the Professor Jacinto Nunes Prize

The Professor Jacinto Nunes Prize, which is awarded by the Bank of Portugal (BoP), distinguishes the best graduates in Economics in Portugal every year. In the latest edition, for the 2021/2022 academic year, our student Miguel Teixeira Rodrigues Inverneiro was awarded the Prize, with an average grade of 17.64 (18 points).

The award ceremony took place on the 10th January, at the head office of Banco de Portugal in Lisbon.

“ISEG is like a second home.

It was only after having had contact with other students from different backgrounds that I effectively fully understood how complete and unique my experience and the education for my degree was. It is an incredible feeling to know that I am among several generations of young Economists who studied at what we can call the oldest and best School of Economics in the country.  I celebrate winning the Professor Jacinto Nunes Prize, which is awarded by Banco de Portugal to the best economics students, with great pride, albeit I share this victory with my family and my friends, colleagues, faculty, and the entire ISEG community, all of whom were part of my journey, one way or the other.

A special thanks goes to the faculty who contributed to this journey and who, in addition to their day-to-day challenges, also found themselves teaching during a pandemic. It was undoubtedly a path with ups and downs, but one that was focused on the process and on learning, which is why it will be an experience that I will treasure forever.

This prize is a very important milestone, as it represents the recognition of the efforts of young Economists who, like me, will not only shape the future, but we are the future … a future which will certainly present challenges. The lessons that have been learned recently are that new ways of organising society are required to face these challenges that arise in the context of the current system, especially the growing ageing of the population, climate change, and the marked inequality that we find all around us.

All the answers can only be provided by the citizens of tomorrow, hence the imminent need to invest in educating them and the importance to recognise their successes”.

Miguel Teixeira Rodrigues Inverneiro,
Bachelors in Economics, 2021/2022