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Shaping the future since 1911.

We find that there is always space for new ideas at ISEG. We were the first economics and management school founded in Portugal and are now part of the country’s biggest university, the Universidade de Lisboa. We have a high standard teaching program, recognized by international educational entities and rankings, such as the Financial Times, AACSB and AMBA, based on a culture of constant innovation and continued collaboration between students and faculty. This strong reputation is fully based on the quality of our graduates, our faculty, our research, and the impact of our activities in the community.
We believe that the next generation economists and managers must be quantitatively sound, technologically agile, and concerned with their decisions’ impact on others.
It is my pleasure to share this vision, just like we share knowledge, time and the ambition of a prosperous future with whoever joins us. Welcome to ISEG. Open Minds. Grab the Future.
Clara Raposo

Mission & Vision

ISEG’s mission is to create, share and enhance the socio-economic value of knowledge and culture in the fields of Economics, Finance and Business, through an approach based on plurality, the guarantee of freedom of intellectual and scientific expression, and respect for ethical principles and social responsibility.



Officially founded in 1911, ISEG’s history goes back to the “Commerce Class” (Aula de Comércio), which was created in 1759 by order of the Marquis of Pombal to provide a secondary level education in technical and commercial activities.

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Leadership & Governance

ISEG’s leadership team ensures the anticipation of new trends and the adaption and response to contemporary challenges, while fostering a collaborative, multi-cultural, and open-minded environment for our students.

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ISEG is part of Universidade de Lisboa, the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and one of Europe’s leading universities, with a community of over 50,000 students.

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Accreditation & Partnerships