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International Advisory Council

With a vision for the future of Economics and Management, ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management created its International Advisory Board, a group of professionals from the most diverse nationalities and areas of expertise, which includes such charismatic figures as the CEO of Walmart China, Wern-Yuen Tan, the distinguished full professor and ex-Dean of the Business School of Oxford University, Colin Mayer, and the Executive Vice-chair of Rock in Rio, Roberta Medina.

A great School such as ISEG has a duty to lead the change required by organisations to better deal with the challenges of a globalised and broadly connected economy, which is susceptible to unprecedented crises, as we know right now. The constitution of this International Council by those who like to think about new solutions is an important step in affirming our non-conformist approach. Having the support and advice of a group which is as experienced, dynamic and heterogeneous as this IAC makes us stronger and more competitive. The future will not pass us by, that’s for sure!”, declares Clara Raposo, Dean of ISEG.

ISEG’s International Board also counts with such distinguished figures as Anne Giviskos, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer of Euronext, from the head office in Paris, Anne Hansen da Câmara, executive director of the Estoril Circuit, Eugenia Bieto, ex-Dean of the well-known Spanish business school, ESADE, Joanne Li, Full professor and Dean of Florida International University College of Business, and also William Kistler, the American architect who chairs the Urban Land Institute.

Gilberto Jordan, CEO of the André Jordan Group and alumnus of ISEG is the Chairman of this Board, about which he states:
I am grateful to ISEG, my School, for the trust placed in me by inviting me to chair the International Advisory Board. As a century-old institution which has faced several crises in the past, the School’s mission – which is to educate, assess and predict future results, based on both theoretical and practical development – has once again proved to be key. Both the future and the current generation of managers, economists, thinkers, and leaders will certainly benefit from an ISEG that is in contact with the world and at the forefront of thinking. The very distinguished group of personalities that we have brought together to join the Board so far will certainly help in this process.

Members of the Council:

Anne Hansen da Câmara (Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Circuito do Estoril)
Anne Giviskos (Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Euronext Group in Paris)
Colin Mayer, CBE FBA (Professor of Management Studies at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford)
Eugenia Bieto (Professor and former Director General of ESADE)
Gilberto Jordan (Chairman of ISEG’s IAC. CEO of the Andre Jordan Group and an ISEG-alumnus)
Joanne Li, CFA (Chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Former Dean of Florida International University College of Business)
Roberta Medina (Businesswoman and events producer. President of Dream Factory and vice-president of Better World, the company associated with Rock in Rio. Partner of the Portuguese event Biggest Christmas Tree in Europe)
Wern-Yuen Tan (CEO of Pepsico. APAC Asia-Pacific China)
William Kistler (first president of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in Europe and then lead EMEA executive for International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC)).