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CA  >  Maria Angelica Ojeda

Mestrado em Actuarial Science

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Maria Angelica Ojeda Link


MSc in Actuarial Science (2013) 


  •   Actuary at the Principal Supervisor of Peru

"Before I started this Master, I had been working for the Insurance Supervisory Authority in Peru for four years, and it was there that I could see the necessity of having an expert in Actuarial Science and how it is so important for the insurance industry, so I decided to complement my studies in Statistics with a master in that field.

So, I started to look for the master in Actuarial Science with solid academic foundation in this field, that has agreements with well-recognized actuarial institutions, and this Master was the one that satisfied my criteria.

Now, that I have already have finished my Master, I can say that this Master was my best choice, the courses in general satisfied my expectations, the professors were all willing to help us to have a better understanding of the classes and all people in class exchanged experiences because we came from different part of the world. It was really a great academic and life experience!"