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CA  >  Miguel Seixas

Mestrado em Actuarial Science

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Miguel Seixas Link

MSc in Actuarial Science (2012)
  • Actuary at AXA Spain

"The Master in Actuarial Science at ISEG provided me an excellent insight about the Mathematics, Statistics and Finance applied to insurance. The professors are all excellent professionals with great teaching experience, they are always available to help in classes and they offer time to help outside classes .The Master is very well structured, it covers a vast variety of topics, both in Life and Non-life insurances, the possibility of exemption from some of the exams of the Institute and Faculty of actuaries is a great plus! Students with a good background in Mathematics and Statistics will feel much more comfortable to finish the Master.

In the final semester I did a thesis but I could have done an Internship that is also an excellent choice due to the variety of possibilities that this course offers. This Master was an excellent preparation to my professional life and allowed me to find a great job in a short period of time after finishing it."

Interview for TheActuary - The magazine of the Actuarial Profession