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EAP  >  Daniel Abreu

Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting

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My experience in the Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting was very positive and proved to be extremely valuable in my academic and professional career.

The Master programme provides a solid and comprehensive grounding in econometrics, while introducing students to the main literature in the field. The coursework has a strong applied perspective which is reflected in the emphasises on how econometric methodologies can be used to study empirical questions and in the number of projects that students are challenged to undertake.  This approach contributes to the development of economic intuition and builds experience in dealing with the decisions and nuances of working in an applied setting. In addition, students are able to develop data-analysis and programming skills, while improving their familiarity with the main econometrics software.

Lastly, I would like to highlight the quality of the supervision during the writing of the dissertation.