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EAP  >  João Cruz

Master in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting

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After finishing my BSc degree, it was clear for me that my next step would be to enrol in a MSc in econometrics and statistics that could allow me to gain significant expertise in those areas and bring value to my curriculum. I found the degree in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting a perfect fit for this, for its unique program and prestigious staff in the field. During my studies, the challenges I faced along the way allowed to grow personally and to gain core knowledge that proved essential in my work. During those challenges, I could always count with the teaching staff, and during my dissertation I felt I always got the guidance I needed to succeed.

Looking back, I define my decision of pursuing a MSc in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting as a crucial moment in my career, as it opened many doors. In particular, I was able to find a job in prestigious institutions, such as the Bank of Portugal and ANACOM, where upon admission my MSc was a determinant factor. Moreover, it allowed me to pursue a research career which is something I always desired.

In sum, I highly recommend the MSc in Applied Econometrics and Forecasting, as it provides a solid education in the area, with excellent reputation in the job market and academia.