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Master in Economics



  JOANA VAZ PAIS (Responsible)



Why choose ISEG?

ISEG is the oldest faculty of economics and management in Portugal, having reached its first centenary in 2011. It has been educating, from the very beginning, economists and managers with leadership and innovation qualities, based on a solid scientific and  technical formation.

Nowadays ISEG has about 2500 first degree students (licenciatura) and approximately 2000 post-graduate, Msc and PhD students.


The MSc in Economics aims to provide: (i) advanced knowledge in the field of economic theory; (ii) metodologies and techniques needed to the analysis and research in the fields of theoretical and applied economics; (iii) adequate instruments to pursuing the study of economics at the PhD level (this MSc gives direct access to the doctoral programme in Economics at ISEG).

Designed For

The MSc in Economics is intended to complement and to deepen first-cycle education provided by a first-cycle degree in economics. The main objectives are that the students reach advanced knowledge in economic theory and in the methods and empirical techniques useful to analyze economic reality.



This MSc prepares the students to pursue their careers as economists, researchers and teachers, high ranking staff in firms, banks, international organizations and public institutions.


The masters study programme is spread across 4 semesters with a total of 120 ECTS, 42 of them (12 in the third semester and 30 in the fourth semester) correspond to a dissertation.

All the course units will be taught in English.

Tuition Fees

Fees for 2018/2019,  here.

Numerus Clausus

  • Total: 25