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Undergraduate Degree in Economics




Why choose ISEG?

Because the Degree in Economics brings together in a single course the three essential aspects for studying to be an economist:

  • A solid grounding in economic theory;
  • The study of a large number of interdisciplinary subjects that compliment Economics (Management, Mathematics, Law, Sociology and History);
  • The mastery of methods for the analysis of the real-life economic scene.


The combination of these aspects of study, together with the possibility for students to choose optional subjects to increase their knowledge in areas of their choice, results in the ISEG degree in Economics having a high standard of quality, which is well recognised in the market, where our graduates easily find employment, be it with private or State organisations.


The principle objective of the degree in Economics is to educate professionals who are capable of carrying out evaluations, providing advisory support and managing economic matters for differing types of organisation in the world of economics, finance and business.


As well as providing a basic education in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, this degree offers a balanced learning in other complimentary areas that are essential for economists, such as Management, Mathematics, History Sociology and Law. The last semesters (the concluding ones) facilitate a deeper understanding of subjects which are specific to economic theory and policy and also the study of optional subjects of students' free choice.


The degree in Economics also encourages the development of research projects and team work, as a means of better exposing students to a professional life in the future.


Our graduates in Economics are well-prepared to face the challenges of both the national and international job market. This is confirmed by the results of surveys that are regularly carried out with those who have recently graduated from ISEG, which evidences a rapid and efficient entry to the job market, with 35% accepting job offers before the conclusion of their degree and 90% being employed six months after graduation.

ISEG always gives priority in its education to achieving the objective of employment, equipping its students with the skills most needed for the majority of professions.


ISEG graduates are employed in the principle sectors of economic, financial and business life, mainly in the following professions:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Auditing and Consulting
  • International economic and financial organisations
  • Managing industrial and service companies
  • Public administration at a local or national level
  • Investigation Centres, Education or Research