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Master in Monetary and Financial Economics

Students Testimonials Link

Students testimonials Link

The MMFE gave me an important competitive advantage in the job market. The demanding curriculum along with the wide range of elective courses provide the tools you need either if you plan to follow an academic or business route.

Luís Martins (2014). Economist, Banco de Portugal


The MMFE was a valuable experience of my academic life. The programme itself is organized in such manner that provides you a broader knowledge of Economics and Finance. Since it is mostly a theoretical programme, it’s challenging and requires more dedication. In my opinion one of the key features of the course as an international student was the outstanding support of the professors, coordinators and colleagues during my study.

Mina Kazemi (2016). Regulatory Reporting Officer, BN Paribas


The MMFE has allowed me to develop strong skills in macroeconomics and monetary policy, which deeply contributed to my development as an economist. The Masters offers a complete and well-structured range of course units, complemented with several optional course units, allowing us to study in greater depth the areas in which we are most interested. It is a very demanding programme that requires much dedication and commitment to be completed successfully. Nevertheless, the highly qualified Professors are always available to help us improving our critical analysis and being prepared for the future. Throughout the Masters’ degree, I have developed a special interest in the research field. While writing my Masters’ dissertation, the desire to pursue a research path has increased, which led me to continue for the PhD in Economics at ISEG.

Joana Sousa (2018). Economist, Banco de Portugal


I found out about the MMFE at ISEG through the internet. The modules appealed to me, as they would lead me to a career path directed to public financial institutions. The MMFE offers an outstanding teaching and learning experience. The facilities provided by ISEG, especially the Library, allows me to benefit from a workplace in which I can learn for my exams and provides room for case studies in-group works. Being enrolled in this Master, I get to study with people from all over the world.

Max Reimers (2020). Intern, European Central Bank.