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FI  >  Plano Curricular

Mestrado em Finanças

Plano Curricular Finance

Descrição do Plano Curricular

Study Programme 2017-2019

120 Credits (ECTS)

1st Year

2nd Year

1st semester
1st semester

Corporate Investment Appraisal
Data Analysis in Finance
Investments and Portfolio Management 
Financial Analysis and Reporting
Fundamentals of Financial Economics

Case Studies in Financial Engineering
Ethics and Research Methods in Finance (Seminar)
Financial Forecasting
Elective Option II

2nd semester
2nd semester

Corporate Financing and Planning
Fixed Income Products and Markets
Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
Elective Option I

Masters Final Work (Thesis/Project/Internship Report)



Elective Course Units I (Year 1, Semester 2)

Corporate Governance

Monetary and Financial History

Pension Funds

Real Options                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Elective Course Units II (Year 2, Semester 1)

Banking and Insurance


Equity Research

International Financial Markets

Public Finance in the Economic and Monetary Union