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Licenciatura em Matemática Aplicada à Economia e à Gestão

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Eurekathon by LTPlabs, PBS and NOS

Challenging Data for Zero Hunger

5-7 November | Virtual event


EUREKATHON is a data-driven competition that addresses societal issues associated with sustainable development goals. The objective is to empower our society with innovative solutions that take advantage of data sources not usually explored for social purposes. In this 2nd edition, you are challenged to develop concrete and creative solutions that contribute to maximize access by all people to sufficient food all year round, in partnership with Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome.



What is the target of Eurekathon?
If you are a student or professional from the emerging areas of data science and business analytics you are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Eurekathon. The competition will be amongst teams of 4-6 members who will work side-by-side with like-minded data scientists and business analysts. You can bring your own team or apply as an individual participant and we will add you to a team making sure that there is a balance of knowledge and experience.


How is it going to happen?
Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, the 2020 edition of Eurekathon will be a hybrid event. The main competition will take place from the 5th to the 7th of November, on a virtual platform, fully customized for this event. The final will take place as a physical event, if possible, on the 14th of November.


All teams will have access to a diversity of data sources, both private and public, that can be leveraged to build analyses, models and tools. The final solutions should explore the given data sources to generate insights that should be leveraged to make concrete recommendations to our social partner. Creativity is a key element for winning solutions!  


A panel of mentors will assess the potential impact, the novelty and the analytical depth of the work developed by the teams. At the end, 6 teams will have the opportunity to present their work on a physical event on 14th November, in Lisbon, and a monetary prize will be awarded to the 3 winners. Aligned with the spirit, 20% of the prize will be donated to a non-profit NGO chosen by the winning teams.


Along the journey, you will have the opportunity to participate in social online activities and get to know the data community. Distinguished specialists will also be available to mentor you during the competition.


Come and share your Eureka! 

Check for more details and apply here