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Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management


Coordinators 2020/2021


Why choose ISEG?

ISEG is a key university for the teaching of Economics, Finance, and Business. It is renowned for being the School that has the greatest tradition in teaching Economics and Management in our country. ISEG alumni include many of the most prestigious Portuguese economists and managers, and many of them are currently successfully working in roles at both the national and international level.

That is why it is worth studying at ISEG.


The undergraduate degree in MAEG (Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management) was created in 1990, having as it main objective the combination of a core education in Economics and Management with a solid education in Mathematics. This degree prepares professionals who are able to equate and solve problems efficiently within the fields of Economics and Management, using mathematical tools and the most modern computational methods. Within the framework of the Bologna process, all students entering the 1 st Year of the degree are accompanied by a director of studies, who promotes their inclusion in ISEG, and assures their good academic performance


The good and rapid integration of MAEG graduates in the job market - there are none known to be unemployed - is a clear sign that this is a degree that responds particularly well to the market demands of a wide range of sectors: banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, consulting firms, and public entities. A degree in MAEG also creates excellent prospects for further studies at the 2 nd Cycle level, in areas such as Actuarial Science, Economic Decision-making, Econometrics, Monetary and Financial Economics, Management, Finance, or Mathematics for Finance.



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