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PhD Program in Management


Coordinators 2020/2021





Why choose ISEG?

This PhD programme, fully taught in portuguese, will provide you the cutting edge knowledge on Business and management theory and the necessary tools, methodologies and research strategies for your developing relevant and impactful research in your specific area of interest in business or management.
The development of the programme although rather demanding both for full time and part time students is compatible with keeping on a professional or in industry activity. The schools facilities are excellent and the professors are very qualified, competent and friendly.


It is with great pleasure that we present a new edition of the PhD Program in Management. The success of previous editions has been achieved through the completion of good research projects and the consequent publication of their results in conferences and blind peer reviewed papers published in good ranking international journals. These facts justify our enthusiasm and commitment in launching this edition.

Throughout its existence, the School of Economics and Management (ISEG) has had a fundamental contribution to the training of cadres and leaders of Portuguese organizations and international ones. ISEG's faculty and PhD alumni display a good publishing and citation record.


The  Doctoral Programme in Management (PDG, in Portuguese) aims to provide doctoral students with a deep understanding of management problems and a strong background in methods and applied management research techniques. The insertion into networks of researchers is promoted not only through the collaboration of teachers and researchers from several European and North and South American universities, but also by taking advantage of ISEG's membership of the Academic Council of EIASM - European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, based in Brussels, and the IMP (Industrial Marketing an Purchasing) Group, among others.


This PhD program in Mangement will be particularly interesting both for those who wish to pursue advanced research careers or projects in public or private institutions, or want to pursue their careers as teachers in higher education institutions or research centers.


PhD classes will preferably be held on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tuition Fees

1º Ano: 3000 euros

2ª Ano: 2000 euros

3º Ano: 2000 euros 

 O programa de Doutoramento tem a duração de 3 anos. Por cada ano adicional o montante a liquidar é de 1.000,00 euros. 

Numerus Clausus

  • Total: 25