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Dear students,


We hope that this message finds you and your families well and healthy.

The final grades of the Appeal Exam Period (exam and continuous evaluation, when applicable) are now available.

You can find the details of the grades in the section “Grades Continuous Evaluation”, as well as the correction of one of the versions of the exam (similar rational applies to other versions).

As in the previous exam period, we decided to lower the minimum grade of the exam to 7 (and not 7,5 as before). Besides, whenever the multiple choice of one section of the exam ended with a negative amount it counted as 0 (zero). The participation grade was replaced by the exam grade whenever the latter was higher.


Thus, the final grade obeys to the following rules:

Exam grade below 7 => Final Grade of Appeal Period = Exam Grade

Exam Grade Exam grade above 7 and above class participation => Final Grade of Appeal Period = Exam Grade

Exam Grade Exam grade above 7 but below class participation => Final Grade of Appeal Period = 70% Exam Grade + 30% continuous evaluation


Students who want to access the grade review session, which will be held in Microsoft Teams with cameras on, should send an email until Tuesday, 14/7, 5pm, to, identifying the reason of the appeal regarding the correction of the exam. The review session will be held on Wednesday, July 15, 3pm. Students will receive a confirmation email with the exact time by July 15, in the morning. You must clearly identify yourself with name, number and the subject (exam review request).


Congratulations to all that concluded the course successfully.


Have nice holidays and stay healthy!


The Cost Accounting Team


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