Finance and Financial Reporting (1 º Sem 2018/2019)

CA (Actuarial Science) , EMF (Economia Monetária e Financeira) , FI (Finance)

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Dear Students, You can consult your exam this Wednesday (12/02/2018) at 15:00 in my office (313 Miguel Lupi). Pedro Rino Vieira
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The course covers a large and fundamental set of concepts and tools of the modern theory of Finance that are required to analyse corporate financial decisions. Thus, it will start with a review of the role of corporate finance in corporations, followed by an overview of accounting, financial statements analysis, auditing, investment appraisal, cost of capital, capital structure, pay-out policy, financial instruments, long and short-term financing, derivatives and risk management. The teaching approach combines the presentation and discussion of the theory and examples of the main concepts with practical problems.