Human Resources Management (2 º Sem 2019/2020)


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Dear Students, You can check your final HRM grades at AQUILA. If you want to know the detailed marks you got in the 2nd Season Exam (multiple choice questions and short development question), please check the item 'secções opcionais' (where the slides are). The exam consultation session will be held with your teacher and the recording of the sessions is not allowed. Students must register for the exam consultation session, contacting me until July 13rd, 1p.m, to the email: You must indicate your student number, please. The exam consultation session is next Monday, July 13rd, starting at 5 p.m (Portugal time). Students must be online from that time onwards and wait to be called in TEAMS (you don't need to integrate any team). During this session, students should have the camera on. Best, Helena Jerónimo
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