Human Resources Management (2 º Sem 2019/2020)


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HRM - quiz - repetition


Dear Students,


After some natural collective anxiety yesterday afternoon – yours, but also ours – of those who are trying new methodologies, we come back to you to provide some clarifications and to transmit a word of encouragement.


First of all, we would like to thank you for your feedback, your suggestions and words for improvement, which characterizes the spirit of ISEG and the relationship between teachers-students that exists in our School and that we are so proud of.


We know that you have studied, you have devoted yourselves to this task and that, like us, you wanted that everything would work perfectly. However, we were confronted with several technical problems that have jeopardized the reliability of the test, as some of you have noticed and reported to us.


Even so, we decided to mark the quiz and therefore you can find yours grades in AQUILA (in the usual document with all exercise’s grades). Because some students had technical problems, we decided to have another quiz this Friday, April 3rd, at 6p.m (Portugal time) on the same topics of the program. Whoever is satisfied with the grade obtained in the 1st quiz, keeps that grade. Whoever wants to repeat the 2nd quiz, gets the best score of the two quizzes. This new quiz will also have 15 minutes and the link will be shared via TEAMS one or two minutes earlier, for password certification. If we repeat these rules, is to maintain, as much as possible, the circumstances of the 1st quiz. The day and time of this 2nd quiz cannot be negotiable, given that it is the last day of classes before Easter break.


We are confident that next quizzes will be a successful experience for you and for us. Please, do believe that we, HRM team, work every day for your success. We want you to shine as students and then be our best representatives in the companies you will work soon.  Your success will always be our success! Therefore, let’s continue this joint journey with tranquility and a positive attitude.


The HRM Team