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Tutorial this week is on Tuesday, March 16th, 11 am

Dear students,




Exceptionally the tutorial this week is on Tuesday, March 16th, 11am and not on Thursday.


The case will be solved in this tutorial, March 16th.


In the following week, will go back to our usual schedule, Thursday, 11am, on MS Teams.




Tutorials are taught by Dra. Mariana Tavares Relha, a master student in Accounting, Tax and Corporate Finance.








All tutorials will be recorded and made available in the team chat, so that all students who cannot attend can watch the tutorial later on.








All students who want to attend the tutorial, should go to Microsoft TEAMS access the Teams folder and click on the option " Join or create a Team"("Aderir ou criar uma equipa"), which is available in top right corner of the screen.








In the following screen, you should choose "Join a Team with a code" ("Aderir a uma equipa com código") and insert the following code: 38z816m








Note that to access the recorded tutorial, you must be part of the team, and hence you have to join the team, even if you cannot attend the tutorial in the scheduled time.




Enjoy your weekend!


The Cost Accounting Team