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    Francisco Pereira de Moura Library

    The Francisco Pereira de Moura Library is ISEG's literary resource centre, housing a wide range of literature and information both in digital an paper format, which can be accessed in person or online.

    It is considered to be the most important university library in Portugal for the following subjects. economics and business, maths, sociology, history and law. This is due to several factors, including the many years that it has been in operation,  the diversity of its resources and  the fact that it is kept constantly updated.

    The library is perfected suited for its purpose and is located in an ideal location. It is dynamic, both culturally and scientifically  and has close links to the university  and the wider community.


    » Visit the Francisco Pereira de Moura library webpages


    Online Library

    The Online Library includes a wide range of resources such as databases, documents, Masters Final dissertations and doctoral theses. It is fully accessible from a number of computers located within the Francisco Pereira de Moura Library, or via the building's Wi-Fi network. ISEG students can also access the Online Library off-campus, provided they have configured their equipment to do so.


    » How to configure your equipment for Online Library access