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ISEG Docentes e Investigação   Conference Theme

Conference Theme

ISEG, 9 th - 10 th May 2014


What is the role of the Welfare State in a time of economic crisis, fiscal austerity and social problems?

This conference, organized by the University of Lisbon, aims to stimulate academic discussion on the present and future of the welfare state in Portugal. It is expected to be a meeting of academics, who are dedicated to the study of social policy across of spectrum of different scientific disciplines.

It will promote interdisciplinary academic discussion on the transformation of the welfare state in Portugal, in a time of financial austerity, economic crisis and rising social risks.

  • Reforming Southern European Welfare States Under Austerity
  • Migration and Mobility of high-skilled professionals
  • Active ageing, citizenship, Welfare State and crisis
  • Inequalities, poverty and social exclusion
  • The housing crisis in European peripheral countries
  • Southern Europe: Interrupted convergence
  • The impact of recession and austerity on child poverty and child well-being
  • Welfare and health in later life
  • Social Assistance and the role of social work
  • Welfare systems in the context of the EU: a Reform of the Pension System


We encourage professors, students, researchers and practitioners involved in the studies of these topics to participate. We welcome contributions from different scientific areas, making use of diverse sources and addressing these themes from a range of methodological and comparative perspectives.

Official conference language: English

Paper Submission
Deadline: 30 th April 2014



Registration for the Conference opens on 1 st March 2014.


Registration Fee

Before 31st March: 100€
After 1st April: 150€
Masters & PhD students are eligible for a 50% discount on price registration.

*Online registrations and fee payments will be accepted only until April 30th.
After this date, registrations will be accepted only during the event on the Conference Secretariat.



José António Pereirinha - ISEG

Romana Xerez - ISCSP



Dália Costa (ISCSP)
Elvira Pereira (ISCSP)
Olivia Bina (ICS)
Paula Albuquerque (ISEG)
Paula Pinto (ISCSP)
Rafael Marques (ISEG)
Sofia Aboim (ICS)
Vitor Escária (ISEG)