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ISEG About us   Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity


The issue of academic integrity in the conduct of all members of the academic community is assumed by ISEG as one of the noblest of the university condition. In order to defend, promote and support among the students, teachers, and ISEG employees, the practice of high ethical standards, an Ethics Committee was created at ISEG, by order nº 113 / P / 2017.

ISEG adopts the principles and good practices defined in the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, the  Code of Conduct and Good Practice of the University of Lisbon, the Charter of Rights and Duties of Students of the ISEG and  the Disciplinary Regulations of Students of the University of Lisbon.

The exercise of academic fraud and other violations of the academic integrity described in the abovementioned documents is considered to be a very serious practice, subjecting the  authors  to disciplinary sanctions, as  provided  in the applicable legislation.


The ISEG Ethics Committee currently has the following composition:

Professora Doutora Maria Paula Fontoura (Chair)

Professora  Doutora  Cristina Gaio

Professora Doutora Fátima Fabião

Professora Doutora Rita Martins de Sousa

Professora Doutora Paula Cristina Albuquerque

Professor Doutor Rafael Marques

Professor Doutor Pedro Roque do Vale de Sá  Nogueira

Dr. Vítor Palmela Ramos


For contact with the Ethics Committee, including the communication of ethically reprehensible practices or the reporting of related irregularities: ethics@iseg.ulisboa.pt.

By virtue of Article 4 of its Rules of Procedure, Ethics Committee members are bound by the duty of secrecy and confidentiality in respect of matters submitted to it.


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Code of Conduct and Good Practice

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