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    The Research Centre of Economic and Social History (GHES) has existed since 1972 and its founding members were all from the team that taught Economic and Social History at degree level at ISEG. The institutionalisation of GHES as a research centre took place in 1975 and the number of researchers involved has been increasing over the years, contributing to adding resources for these fields of study. At the same time, the faculty recognized the doctoral degree in Economic and Social History and, furthermore, several disciplines of economic history have been incorporated into the Masters and Postgraduate courses offered by ISEG. Cooperation was also developed in the area of Economic and Social History with other Masters than those taught at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. The regular publication of the GHES Working Papers started in 1996.

    This historical journey consolidated the pursuit of three key objectives which have shaped the development of the Research Centre, namely: promote research in Economic and Social History at ISEG; contribute to improving the teaching of Economic and Social History, and; disseminate the results of current research in this field of science, both through the regular publication of the Working Paper Series, and also through the organization and participation in workshops, seminars and conferences.

    In 1998, the Office was subject to an assessment by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), earning a "Very Good" rating as part of the Pluri-annual Programme for the Funding Research and Development Units. In 2002/2003, the Research Centre underwent another audit by FCT, and was this time classified as being "Excellent". The last of these evaluations took place in 2007, when the Office was classified as being "Very Good".

    In recent years, the Office has carried out research and has provided services in different areas, of which the following deserve highlighting: the history of supply and urban consumption, modern economic growth, the history of public finance, business history, maritime history, monetary and credit history, and the history of economic thought.

    In 2013, GHES participated in the creation of a consortium of all ISEG's research centres in the context of applying for FCT - Strategic Projects funding for the 2015-2020 period. This consortium involves four research centres: SOCIUS, ADVANCE, CEsA and GHES, and has adopted the name of CSG - Research Centre in Management and Social Sciences.