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Re-sit season (ER) exam: General Information

Dear students,


We hope this e-mail finds you well.

Below you can find instructions for the Exam in the re-sit season (ER) scheduled for February 3rd, at 3:00 pm. This exam season will be online and is only available for the three groups of students that have access to all exams in the Re-Sit Exams Period as defined by the school.


All students should connect through Teams at 2:45 pm for further instructions. For surveillance purposes, all students should be connected on Teams throughout the exam time with a camera and micro turned on. No compliance with this rule may cause your exam being voided.


At any moment, questions may be raised through Teams’ chat.


The Exam will have three parts and all questions will be asked in English.







Part I


3:05 pm

3:25 pm

Part II


3:35 pm

4:00 pm

Part III


4:10 pm

4:35 pm


 Part I  will consist of 8 multiple-choice questions each (0.75 points each with no penalization for wrong answers), with a solution time of 20 minutes.


You may keep a print screen of your answers in case any issue arises. Any issue in the submission should be reported no longer than 5m after the submission deadline.


Part II and Part III will consist of problems/questions similar to those normally solved in tutorials (aulas práticas). Time for solving each part will be disclosed in the beginning of the exam.


Between each part you should expect a break between 5m to 10m.


All parts should be accessed at ‘Submit – Worksheets’ (‘Submeter – Fichas de Trabalho’).


Details for Part II and Part III:

- Questions will be available at ‘Submit – Worksheets’ (‘Submeter – Fichas de Trabalho’);

- Solutions have to be handwritten on clean paper;

Photos and scans are acceptable;

Excel/Word files will not be accepted;

- In the header of each page should be included (hint: prepare pages in advance):

o   Student’s number

o   Student’s name

o   Page number (e.g., 1/2)

- Submission at ‘Submit – Assignments’ (‘Submeter – Trabalhos’);


Students will have up to 5m to upload a file with solutions.


Please have in mind that, taking into consideration the tolerance given, no leniency will be given to any student that will not be able to upload a file.


Ensure you take notes of your answers on paper. In case any issue arises, you can quickly restart the Exam and (re)submit it.


Any issue should be reported to and .


The GF II teaching team


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