Loss Reserving (2 º Sem 2019/2020)

CA (Actuarial Science)


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ISEG Loss Reserving Exams 2020 - Instructions


ISEG Loss Reserving Course 2020


Instructions for the examinations




Normal period: Wednesday 24 June 2020 15:00h-18:00h Lisbon time


Re-Sit Period: Thursday 02 July 2020 15:00h-18:00h Lisbon time




Please make sure you are logged into Microsoft Teams (group ISEG Loss Reserving Course 2020) and seated comfortably at the precise starting time.




Exams questions will be provided in Microsoft Forms. The link giving access to the test will be posted in Microsoft Teams (group ISEG Loss Reserving Course 2020) at the start of the examination. Only one submission per student is permitted, so don’t submit before you are sure you are finished.




Emergency email address if upload or submit fails: walther@zabler-neuhaus.no.




The exam consists of two parts:


Part 1 (15:00h-16:30h): Questions of understanding and theoretical questions.


Part 2 (17:00h-18:00h): Solving a problem in Excel.




Most of the questions in Part 1 can be answered on the keyboard, reducing the need to scan and upload documents. A general possibility to upload document/s will be given at the end of the exam. I recommend that you draft your answers in (for example) MS Word before you copy them into MS Forms; in that way you retain a copy of your answers that you can upload at the end (optional).




Part 2 will consist of three easy steps: 1) download the exam and an empty Excel workbook; 2) complete the Excel workings locally on your computer; and 3) upload the completed Excel workbook. Any comments you wish to add to the calculations, you can write into the Excel workbook.




Between Part 1 and Part 2 you have 30 minutes for a breather and a coffee.




Materials allowed:


No restriction on materials allowed.


Please avoid wasting time on looking for answers to difficult questions.


Concentrate on looking for questions that you can answer.






Please keep your camera on during the exam. I will be there, muted and with my camera off.




Urgent questions during the exam:


Please make any urgent questions during the exam by MS Teams Chat.


You may use the meeting video for questions of general importance.


Please DO NOT use email for questions during the exam.




Keep Calm and Concentrate.




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