Accounting II (1 º Sem 2020/2021)



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Dear Students, I hope you are all well. Final grades, accounting for exam and Continuous assignments are posted. Please pay strong attention to the following, should you have any question regarding your grade: 1 - You NEED TO APPLY, by email to both Professors, to review your grade, WRITING WHICH QUESTION FROM THE EXAM you have. If you fail to do so by 26th JAN at 10 a.m., I will not be able to review your grade. (APPLICATION WITH DETAILED QUESTIONS FROM THE EXAM YOU HAVE DOUBTS ON YOUR GRADE IS MANDATORY!) 2- I will schedule a time slot on the 27th Jan from 10 a.m., for a meeting in teams for the revision. (SLots are individual and will be assigned by myself). 3- I will prepare each students revision ahead. FROM YOUR REVISION YOU MIGHT KEEP YOUR GRADE; INCREASE YOUR GRADE OR REDUCE YOUR GRADE! STAY SAFE, STAY AT HOME! Best Tiago Gonçalves
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