Derivatives (1 º Sem 2020/2021)

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Exam Rules


Dear students


I would like to emphasize that the retake exam will occur on the 3rd of February, 9 am, according to the initial calendar, while the exam for grade improvement will be postponed to next September.


The retake exam will be online and you will have to comply with the following very strict and mandatory rules:


1.     You have to make the necessary arrangements in order to get a room where no one is authorized to access during the exam. If someone enters in the room you will be immediately excluded.

2.     The room must have a good internet access.

3.     During the exam, the internet connection can only be used to communicate with the teachers that will supervise you during the exam.

4.     You must be permanently connected via Teams to the digital room WITH YOUR CAMERA AND MICRO ON. The teachers may not be with their camera on BUT IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOUR CAMERA AND MICROPHONE ARE PERMANENTLY ON.


6.     You will have to fully accomplish with the rules and you will use no other devices or help of any kind from anyone during the exam. You may not contact by any means anyone outside the room.

7.     The students will have to connect via a link for a Teams meeting that will be provided by the administrative services of ISEG.

8.     The exam will be made available in Aquila in the materials under a section called “Exam – Feb21” and it will only be available at the time of the exam, immediately before the start.

9.     The exam will open book meaning that you may use your study materials.

10.  The answers to the exam have to be handwritten using either a white paper or “ISEG paper”.

11.  After finishing the exam, you will shot your handwritten exam with your camera and you will send the photos to me. You may use a scanner or a mobile photo. My email is:

12.  After sending the email with your handwritten answers I will acknowledge the reception of these answers sending a confirmation message and only after you got it you may leave the Teams meeting created for the exam.

13.  When thought appropriate, an oral exam to confirm the grades in the written exam will be performed at a date and time to be announced.


Canal: Derivatives - Autor: JOÃO LUIS CORREIA DUQUE - Data de criação: 01-02-2021