Mercados e Investimentos Financeiros (1 º Sem 2020/2021)

CA (Actuarial Science) , MF (Mathematical Finance)


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Re-take / Second Seating Season

The re-take/second seating exams apply only for students that did not passed the course on the normal/ first seating season. All grade improvement examinations are postponed to the September, according to ISEG’s rules.


The re-take / second seating exams of FMI will take place, as originally scheduled, in February. Keep studying and preparing and do not worry too much about the logistics. In the end what matters is how much you know (nothing else), and it is my job to assess that.


Due to the current situation, exams cannot take place at ISEG.

From a logistical point of view, for FMI, the only change is that you just need to connect to MS Teams, as it has happened during the semester every second week, when you were not allowed in campus.


Concretely, both the written exam and the computer exam will take place  on February 3rd 2021 at 15h (written part) and 18h (computer part). For the written part you will provide hand-written answers, you will need to download the questions from, and upload the answers to, AQUILA. The same applies for the computer part, you download the assignment from AQUILA, solve it at your computer and then upload the file to AQUILA in the end, just as if you were at ISEG, except it is online surveilled (via MSTeams).

Besides that, and according to ISEG’s rules, FMI oral examinations (that may apply only to some or to all students) will take place on February 10th 2021, via MSTeams.

Both surveillance of the written exam and oral examinations will be recorded.


This Thursday January 28th at 9am there will be "special FMI tutorial" in MSTeams about the retake / 2nd seating exam.  Please show up as in the exam day (cameras must be on all the time) and we will practice download of questions from, and upload of hand-written answers or excel files, to Aquila. See you there! 

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