Quantitative Finance (2 º Sem 2019/2020)


Maio de 2020

Publicar Publicado em 27-05-2020




1)      Each of the students have to log in to the schedule call from Microsoft teams channel CIF-E B02.  Exam will be done using Microsoft Form.


2)      During the call on the chat students will receive links for the separate parts of the exam. Each part has specific time to solve and has to be submitted by all students before all can receive the next part.


3)      Duration of the exam 2h.


4)      Each of the students need to have on the desk calculator, formula sheet, blank paper on which can solve exercises and be able to submit the solutions online.


5)      It is recommended to use browsers Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome. It is not recommended to use Safari due to some incompatibility.


6)      Students should have camera on during exam.   


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