Gestão Financeira II (1 º Sem 2020/2021)


Novembro de 2020

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No theoretical lecture on november, 30.

Dear Students,



i) the Government decision to suspend lectures during the period that includes the next lecture, and also

ii) the stage that has already been reached in the course Syllabus,

The lecture that was supposed to take place on November, 30, will not take place.


Kind regards,


José Azevedo Pereira

Canal: Gestão Financeira II - De 29-11-2020 09:00 a 15-12-2020 09:00 - Autor: JOSÉ ANTÓNIO DE AZEVEDO PEREIRA -

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Problem Set 2 for Grading Purposes has been launched

Dear Students,

The Problem Set 2 is now available in the section "Problem Sets for Grading Purposes".

Solutions should be submitted to , until November 19th 23:59.

Students must organize themselves into groups of 2 to 3 students.
Good work,

The GF II Teaching Team

Canal: Gestão Financeira II - Autor: VICTOR MAURILIO SILVA BARROS -