Microeconomia (1 º Sem 2020/2021)

EC (Economia) , EMF (Economia Monetária e Financeira)

Setembro de 2020

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Workings of "Microeconomics"

Course in Microeconomics


Master in Economics and Master in Monetary and Financial Economics



1.       Consumer theory.

1.1. Primitive notions: preference and utility.

1.2. Indirect utility and expenditure. Properties of consumer demand.

1.3. Revealed preference and uncertainty.

2.       Firm theory.

2.1.  Primitive notions: production and cost.

2.2. Competitive firms.

3.       Partial equilibrium.

3.1. Perfect competition.

3.2. Imperfect competition.

4.       Game Theory.

4.1. Games in strategic form and Nash equilibrium.

4.2. Games in extensive form and Perfect equilibrium.

4.3. Incomplete information.



The basic reference is the book

JEHLE, Geoffrey and Philip J. RENY (2011), Advanced Microeconomic Theory, Harlow/England, Pearson Education.

The following chapters are used: 1,2,3,4 and 7.

Each lecture has a specific supplementary bibliography.



The assessment is done through the final examination along two calls. No consulting is allowed during each examination.




Teaching Team and Coordination

Microeconomic is taught by a team of two Professors, namely

·         José Pedro Pontes, who coordinates and teaches part 4 of the program and

·         Aida Isabel Tavares, who teaches parts 1,2 and 3.







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