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MAcc  >  Accounting  >  Currículo  >  Advanced Financial Accounting

Master in Accounting

Plano Curricular Accounting

Advanced Financial Accounting (AFACC)

UC Competência

Advanced Financial Accounting(Gestão)

UC Execução

Advanced Financial Accounting (2020/2021 - Semestre 2)


Grupo: Accounting > 2º Ciclo > Unidades Curriculares Obrigatórias

Período: 1 Ano, 2 Semestre


6.0 (para cálculo da média)


-Understand the accounting treatment of a set of operations that affect the profit or loss of the company.
-Understand the accounting treatment of financial instruments, including derivatives.
-Provide the knowledge necessary for students to acquire the skills to understand, analyze, and use the financial statements prepared in accordance with the national standards (SNC) and international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS).


2.Revenue and construction contracts
4.Employee benefits
5.Deferred taxes
6.Financial instruments
a.Accounting standards for financial assets and liabilities
b.Derivatives (negotiation and hedging)

Metodologia de avaliação

Regular Period
-30% for the first mid-term test (with minimum 7.5 points);
-30% for group work;
-40% for test (with minimum 7.5 points).
Repeat Period
-100% for exam.



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