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Master in Accounting

Plano Curricular Accounting

Data Analysis in Accounting (DAA-A)

UC Competência

Data Analysis in Accounting(Matemática)

UC Execução

Data Analysis in Accounting (2020/2021 - Semestre 2)


Grupo: Accounting > 2º Ciclo > Unidades Curriculares Obrigatórias

Período: 1 Ano, 2 Semestre


6.0 (para cálculo da média)


- To develop the skills and knowledge to apply a variety of data analysis techniques, ranging from simple descriptive and factorial analysis, to the construction of regression models for both sectional and panel data and for continuous or limited dependent variables;
- To understand the theoretical background of the different techniques and be able to evaluate and interpret in a rigoruous way their results;
- To plan and conduct empirical studies;
- Computing skills and knowledge of the econometric software Stata.


1. Exploratory data analysis
2. Summarizing information by factor analysis
3. Multiple regression (including dummies, interactions, specification analysis, and heteroskedasticity robust estimation and inference)
4. Models for panel data
5. Models for binary data
6. Models for censored data

Metodologia de avaliação

Evaluation includes an individual (open book) written test (50%) and an empirical project in groups of two or three students, where the students chose a dataset and apply several econometric models (50%).



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Não existem referências bibliográficas secundárias.