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Publicar Publicado em 13-09-2018

Masters Kick Off Teambuilding Event - MANDATORY FOR 1st YEAR STUDENTS

The ISEG Masters Kick Off Teambuilding Event 2018 is a training event organized to welcome new master students.

Main Outcomes:

Rapid and successful integration of the ISEG's academic culture;
More interactions moments between new colleagues;
Cohesive and cooperative atmosphere;
Increase of academic performance (through the development of soft skills such as teamwork, cooperation, time management and public speaking).

The Event will take place wednesday, 26th September, from 14:30h - 19:00h, at "sala de estudo - biblioteca" - LIBRARY.

This Is MANDATORY for all 1st Year NEW STUDENTS.

Last Year, the students were extremelly satisfied with the kick off event and I am sure you also have fun, this year.

Autor: ALCINO TIAGO CRUZ GONÇALVES - Data de criação: 13-09-2018