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Undergraduate Degree in Finance


Publicar Publicado em 12-03-2021

Dual Degree 2nd Phase

Following the 2 extra spots recently awarded by Kozminski University, we are pleased to inform that you may apply for the Dual Degree programme by filling in the googleforms here.

 The deadline ends on the 17th March 2021.

 The two selected students will not receive an Erasmus grant but will be able to earn a Dual Degree with Triple-Crown Kozminski University.



We wish you all a nice weekend.


Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Kind regards.


Rita Jordão
Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

Coordinator of the International Mobility Office
International Mobility Office – Academic Division
T.(+351) 213 922 737

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Publicar Publicado em 12-03-2021

CFA® Program 2021 news and information session

Undergraduate students with an interest in finance careers are warmly invited to this CFA® Program 2021 news and information session.

Register for session 1 on Tues 16th March (11.00 CET/10.00 GMT) here, which is dedicated to students in your region.

If this date is not suitable, a second session is also available with more general information


Register for session 2 on Wed 24th March (18.00 CET/17.00 GMT) here.


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Publicar Publicado em 28-01-2020

A3ES Acreditation

The Bachelor in Finance was acredited by the national acreditation agency A3ES!

Thank you to those involved in this process! João Silva; Mariana Reis; Rafael Peralta!:)



If you have comments or feedback about the degree, you can send me an email or fill the google form.



Canal: Finance - Autor: ANA ISABEL ORTEGA VENÂNCIO -

Publicar Publicado em 10-01-2020

Linkedin Group

Join us in the BSc Finance Linkedin group:

This group was created for all graduated and current students of the Bachelor in Finance from ISEG (and Licenciatura em Finanças), in order to facilitate contacts and develop the alumni network.


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Publicar Publicado em 07-12-2019

Visit of Prof. Franjo Mlinaric from Kozminski University

On December 11th, Prof. Franjo Mlinaric from Kozminski University  will come to your class at 12:50pm.




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Publicar Publicado em 23-10-2019

Innovation Challenge APB_ 21 Nov. 19



Registration is open for the Innovation Challenge promoted by Junior Achievement Portugal in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Banks (APB).


In this edition, November 21st, 2019 was chosen to streamline this initiative with college students who will be challenged to find creative and innovative solutions  to a problem that will be presented to them early in the morning. The initiative will take place at the Ismaili Center - Av. Lusíada 1, 1600-001 Lisbon, between 08h30 and 17h00. 


By applying the "Learning by Doing" principle and implementing this project, students are expected to be able to develop interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills, initiative, teamwork, problem solving and learning to work with short deadlines. 


Throughout the day students will rely on the mentoring of APB employees. At the end of the event, each team presents their ideia to a jury, who will award the best proposal/solution.


This is an initiative with limited places, so the first 50 students will be contacted. Do not miss this opportunity, SUBSCRIBE!


To validate your application, by November 1st, we ask that you fill in the following link:



Note: If required, JAP may issue a statement justifying your presence at the event in question.


If you have any questions, please let us know.


Innovation Challenge

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