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Undergraduate Degree in Management


Coordenadores 2021/2022

Prof. Doutor  JOSÉ AUGUSTO DE JESUS FELÍCIO (Responsável)





Undergraduate Degree in English

Useful Information 



Undergraduate Degree in English

Useful Information 

Porquê no ISEG?

The degree in Management, which is one of the oldest in the country, has an excellent team of lecturers, which includes PhDs from various national and international universities, plus Masters graduates and graduates, all of whom have exceptional scientific and technological skills.


The new syllabus for the degree in Management was designed to educate and train future managers and includes the following core subjects: Economics, Accounting, Quantitative Methodologies and Psychosociology, as well as the functional subjects of Management with Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Production Management and further subjects related to Business Strategy.


At degree level, the Bologna Agreement contemplates that graduates in Management achieve the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to enter the job market, which has been the case with nearly 100% of all graduates.


Graduates in Management are able to continue their studies at Masters or Postgraduate level and ISEG has developed a reputation for excellence at this level, which meets with market expectations. The credit system enables the study of subjects from different courses to achieve a Masters in Management or Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management or Accounting.


The new syllabus for the degree in Management provides a basic education that combines a quality general knowledge with the possibility to specialise in one of the fields of Management at Masters or Postgraduate level. The degree was designed to provide an all-round education for future managers. 


This is achieved by means of a syllabus which successfully integrates the key subjects of  - Economics, Accounting, Psychosociology and Quantitative Methodologies - with functional subjects such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Production Management Strategy.


After a good education in these basic subjects, students are well prepared to successfully proceed to study for a Masters or Postgraduate degree, opting for a more general knowledge of business or a specialists knowledge of one of the functional subjects (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting or Information Systems).


The degree in Management seeks to include an extremely practical component, such as Communication or Negotiation, Case Studies or Projects that apply to real-life situations, both at a local, national and international level, the latter being part of the optional modules.

Saídas Profissionais

ISEG graduates in Management are well-prepared to face the challenges of both the national and international job market. This is confirmed by the results of surveys that are regularly carried out with those who have recently graduated from ISEG , which evidences a rapid and efficient entry to the job market, with 35% accepting job offers before the conclusion of their degree and 90% being employed six months after graduation.

ISEG always gives priority in its education to achieving the objective of employment, equipping its students with the skills most needed for the majority of professions.


ISEG graduates are employed in the principle sectors of economic, financial and business life, mainly in the following professions:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Auditing and Consulting
  • International economic and financial organisations
  • Managing industrial and service companies
  • Public administration at a local or national level
  • Investigation Centres, Education or Research

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