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Master in Accounting


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Porquê no ISEG?


ISEG is internationally recognized for its high standards in teaching and research. ISEG follows the best international standards in its teaching programs and in its research: the school is accredited by AACSB and AMBA, a distinction held by only 5% of business schools in the world, and our programs are recognized by many reputed international entities. Employability of our graduates is a top priority and extremely high. For generations, we have developed innovators and leaders in Portugal and elsewhere.


Located in the Center of Lisbon, ISEG belongs to the University of Lisbon – ISEG is the oldest Portuguese School of Economics and Management and is part of the University of Lisbon, the largest and best ranked Portuguese University in the selective Xangai ranking (ARWU). ISEG is located right in the center of Lisbon and is the perfect place to study if you are looking for a quiet and warm environment at school.  Our beautiful and historical campus is next to the parliament, businesses, museums, shopping, restaurants and bars, and the river Tejo.


A Culture of Commitment to a Better World – ISEG promotes a culture of solidarity and collaboration, involving the community of students, alumni, faculty, international partners, and an extensive business network. The School adopts a plural approach to teaching and research, and encourages the development of synergies between scientific areas. We are deeply committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. With our plural approach, we help develop Open Minds for a Better World!


The Masters in Accounting graduates will be fully prepared - according to the best international standards and pratices - to work in financial accounting, managerial accounting, consulting and auditting in any organization, anywhere in the world.


Why a Masters in Accounting @ISEG Lisbon?

1. Highly qualified faculty with PhDs from world-class universities (e.g., Harvard Business School, Tilburg University, Imperial College) and extensive professional experience in the industry.

2. Uses a mix of instructional methods, from case studies, group projects, role-playing and individual research, which creates a dynamic learning environment.

3. Benefits from partnerships with the BIG4, which allows students to interact with experts in the field and do real-life cases.

4. Provides students with the mind-set for an international career in accounting.

5. Can give students the opportunity to become certified accountants (the masters provides credits that in addition to those from the bachelor's degree may permit students to take the exam at the Order of Certified Accountants).

6. A one-year full-time program (plus one semester for the master’s project, dissertation, or internship) preparing students to stand out in a competitive marketplace.


The Masters in Accounting is a Master Programme created in 2020/21 and accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).


The objectives of the master's degree in accounting are as follows:

- Development of technical accounting knowledge

- Development of skills in the selection and processing of information, analysis of alternative courses of action and decision making;

- Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills;

- Development of key personal skills, such as written and oral communication, teamwork, leadership, and ethical perspective. These skills are very important for entering the job market and for a successful career;

- Development of competences at the level of conducting a research project or applied / final master’s work;

- Development of a network relevant to the students' professional career.

- Development of technical knowledge that will prepare students to take exams at the Order of Certified Accountants and the Order of Certified Auditors;


International and national students with a degree of higher education in a national or foreign institution in the areas of Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, Public Administration, or other relevant to the study cycle.

Saídas Profissionais

The master programme in accounting prepares students for managerial and accounting roles, such as chief financial officers, auditors, controllers, accountants, and management / accounting consultants.

Regime de Funcionamento

The masters study programme is spread across 3 semesters with a total of 90 ECTS, 30 of them correspond to a dissertation. All the course units are taught in English.


Students from within the European Union:

First year: €4,850

Second year: €2,000 

Total: €6,850


Students from outside the European Union:

First year: €5,650

Second year: €2,500

Total: €8,150


Note: fees subject to final approval by the University of Lisbon's Governing bodies


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